Saturday, August 16, 2008

Northern Sotho Lesson #2

Now, I know that many people have expressed extreme gratitude to know the Northern Sotho word “hlamukela,” to besmear one’s mouth and hands with fat. So, here’s my follow-up lesson, which I’m turning into a contest, because I have no idea what the English translation means. So, are you ready?

OK, here it goes:

Mašiagodiša (ma-shi-a-ho-di-sha)

Meaning: “herd-funk”

So, the contest is, what the hell is “herd-funk?” Depressed cattle? The strong odor of herds? Give me your guess in the comments section of the blog, and whoever comes closest to the actual meaning gets their name mentioned in this very blog! So, get guessing! And stay tuned. Results will be announced whenever I get around to it.