Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Farewell Honeymoon

I have no idea how to describe what has happened the last few weeks. I’m staying with my friend, Abby, who is working for my NGO at another town about 3 hours away. She is my respite, since I currently don’t have a place to live, and my supervisor, who I have been staying with for the past week, is out of town. Abby’s helping me to process what happened, as well as lending me her extensive DVD library.

So, what happened, you asked? I don’t rightly know, except that I was unknowingly staying at a house (where my NGO has an office) that is in the middle of a custody battle. Several groups of people want control of it, and Lulu and I got caught in the crossfire. Many people are looking for a place for us to live, but the prospects are not happy, at least in the short term. So, I’m homeless and frustrated. And this is really getting in the way of my work! Lulu and I pulled together an awareness campaign on sexual abuse at the primary school. It came together well, in spite of the rain and late arrivals, but child sexual abuse is a heavy topic, and local politics got involved with that as well. I keep telling myself that every place has its politics, and this is not different in essence from what I’ve experienced in the States, except that everything is talked about in five different languages, and my presence represents big money to all the major players. Boy, will they be disappointed!

This is also affecting things like getting a PO Box, an internet phone, and basic communication with the outside world. Yep, I’m a whole mound of frustrations. Basically, I have passed the honeymoon period, and now reality hits. Time to really let go of expectations and trust in the journey.